We offer professional design of your solution, tailored to meet your needs. We use our experience of planning with careful design to ensure the system operates to the high standards of performance and innovation. Our expertise in this area ensures the design of the solution combines aesthetics and engineering for the perfect AV solution.

We work with many clients across a variety of market sectors, including large corporate airlines, ministry of defence and public sector. This experience enables us to provide professional advice on how to select, install and integrate audio visual solutions into most working environments. 

Avensys can also provide expert consultation to ensure your business will have the correct environment, eliminating any factors which could inhibit the work in the future. 

Consultancy considerations include:
•Sizes and positions of AV display screens for optimum viewing
•M & E design in terms of power, data, containment, space, temperature and structural load bearing
•Audio requirements to ensure hearing and understanding is clear and precise.
•Room aspect ratio considering host focus, audience participation along with interior and architectural design in relation to AV equipment
•AV system design for flexibility, reliability and user friendly


Our experienced team have worked in a wide range of AV sectors and can provide consultancy on its own or as part of the design and support service with assistance and full aftercare.


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